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Not one of the most used brands. Those who use it like the chair but not the price.


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"Good product but bought second hand - too expensive to buy brand new."
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Brings your baby to the dining table and closer to the family. Baby set and cushion accessories provide comfort for your baby. Highly adjustable seat and footplate positions. Available in a variety of colours for your baby boy or girl. Classic Scandinavian design by Peter Opsvik.

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RSP £ 169.00

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Value for Money 3/5
Quality 4/5
Awareness 1/5
Loyalty 5/5
Popularity 0/5

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Simple and easy to use. There is no tray so baby shares the table with parents which is nice. There are nice covers for it that you can change for next baby or it can be converted to a stool when baby grows out of it.Only problem is that it's very expensive for a chair considering all the other things you have to buy (prams, cots, etc..)

Value for Money 3/5
Quality 5/5

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Expensive but totally worth it (in my opinion). I would not be without my Stokke trip trap chair. I have used this since my little one was approx, 4/6 weeks old with the use of the baby attachment £ would not be without it!

Value for Money 2/5
Quality 5/5

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Foot rest means that baby can stand in the chair so put ot out of reach!

Value for Money 2/5
Quality 2/5

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Looks nice but is not practical at all as baby can easily fall out if bending forward also it is not very comfortable. For that sort of price you'd expect something far better. We only used it when we were inthe baby show as those were available in the dining area and glad we didn't buy this high chair

Value for Money 1/5
Quality 2/5

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