About Us

We have spent the last ten years researching everything about products for mum and baby. Talking to parents over this time... they have told us that they would love to see a site where baby products are rated and reviewed by people like themselves, to help them and the next generation in their decision making.

With so many products out there and so much information to sift through... what better than to have all that information in one place... provided by those that know best... you!

The Best for Baby (TB4B) is the largest independent baby brand ratings and review site in the UK. We have over 50,000 ratings and 25,000 reviews across more than 30 categories and 300 brands.... and these numbers are growing every day!

And just so that you are sure.... we do not endorse brands ourselves, our job is just to collect your reviews and collate that great information for you. We don’t leave out reviews or judge what you write and we don’t influence which brands are best... that decision is and will always be yours!

We hope that you enjoy the site and find it helpful in deciding what you want to try and buy...