Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Some people have commented that The Best for Baby does not cover every product within the brand. One person has said:

Would have been good to see some detail under the brands reviewed e.g Britax have a number of car seats so I would want to know which ones were better not just Britax generally

Again, we totally agree and this exact point caused a lot of discussion when we were setting up The Best for Baby.

The first issue we had is the time it takes to generate all the reviews. It has taken us over a year to review 300+ different brands. If we were to include all the variants we would be looking at 2,000 - 3,000 products and The Best for Baby may never have even got off the ground.

The next issue we had is that the variants are changing all the time. We felt that the best people to keep you up to date with this would be the brands themselves and we have offered the brands the opportunity to have their own page on The Best for Baby website. Some have taken us up on this offer and some have not. We would like The Best for Baby to be as helpful as possible for you, but to fully achieve this we need the input of the brands included.

We had to make a decision and we thought it best to launch at brand level to start with. For now we hope that you can make a decision on which brand is best and then add your own research to get to the product within the brand that is best for you.

When we set up The Best for Baby website we included the facility to add in new products. So in time if we have the opportunity to bring you all the different versions of Britax or Maxi-Cosi car seats, or Ella's Kitchen or Cow and Gate baby foods, or ASDA or Pampers baby wipes, we will add this to The Best for Baby for you.

We hope you enjoy The Best for Baby.