Do we only review bigger brands?

Do we only review bigger brands?

Some people have asked if we review only bigger brands and they would also like to know about brands that are not currently on The Best For Baby. One comment we received is:

Could it be a bit biased towards the bigger companies, what about the small ones. Surprised to not see any reviews for carriers such as Baby TULA and Ergobaby UK. And what about reusable nappies?

We fully agree with this and would love to include these brands. At the moment we have reviews and ratings for over 300 different pregnancy and baby brands and products.

It has taken over a year to collect all these ratings and reviews and yes it is easier to collect reviews for the bigger brands. Lots of parents have used Pampers or Tommee Tippee or Mothercare UK so there are lots of people who are able to leave reviews. Not so many have read The Green Parent magazine (we did ask) so it is really hard to get reviews for products that have few users.

Every one of the 300+ products on The Best For Baby has a minimum of 50 ratings. If a brand or product has less than 50 ratings we have made the decision not to include it. This is because we feel it would be unfair if a brand was rated as The Best For Baby based on 3 reviews. It may be a great product, but until we have over 50 ratings we don't feel we have enough to be able to say this for sure.

We are collecting new ratings and reviews all the time. Every single review you leave helps other parents who are deciding what to buy for their baby.

When we have over 50 reviews for a product that is not already included on The Best For Baby then we will be adding it to the website.

Reusable nappies is a great example. We would love to include a reusable nappies category (and we have tried) however it is not one of the most widely used products and there are quite a few different brands, for example Tots Bots or Bambino Mio UK & Ireland. If and when we get enough reviews we can't wait to add a reusable nappy category.

The Best For Baby is your website, so if there are brands and products that are not included please let us know. If you are a pregnancy brand that is not included drop us a line and we will see what we can do to get you included.

We hope you like The Best For Baby. We are working hard to make it exactly how you want it to be.